Understanding Mold Growth in Your Air Conditioner

Mold growth within air conditioning systems is a prevalent issue across various types of units, including split ductless, concealed ductless, ducted HVAC, wall, window, and PTAC air conditioners.

Given the significant volume of air processed by an air conditioner, it’s common for vents to accumulate residual debris. This includes dust, pollen, soot from automotive exhaust, airborne particles, moisture from humans or animals, bodily fluids, smoke residues, various fumes, and mists. While filters are designed to capture these pollutants, they cannot trap 100% of them, nor can they prevent mold, fungus, or bacteria growth. In many cases, air may bypass the filters altogether.

Mold growth, often visible as brown, black, grey, or light green spots, tends to accumulate on fins but can also thrive in deeper zones and crevices within the airflow paths of the system. Mold growth is exponential once it starts, and the moist residue within the system acts as a breeding ground, attracting more particles conducive to its growth.

Aside from impeding airflow and reducing system efficiency, mold in air conditioning systems poses significant health risks. Poor indoor air quality resulting from mold accumulation can exacerbate breathing issues and contribute to illness, regardless of the season.

Unfortunately, many public facilities, including transportation hubs, schools, offices, hospitals, and even doctor’s offices, may harbor years or decades of mold buildup due to inadequate cleaning and maintenance practices. Awareness of this common health hazard is limited among both institutions and individuals.

Addressing mold growth in air conditioning systems is crucial for improving indoor air quality and safeguarding health. While preventing mold growth entirely remains a challenge, professional maintenance services can mitigate its impact. Many air conditioner manufacturers, particularly those of split ductless systems, now emphasize mold and chemical cleaning maintenance in their offerings.

At Air Vent Medics, a division of Mikes Air Conditioning, we specialize in cleaning all types of AC systems using tailored techniques, chemicals, and equipment to sanitize indoor air quality. While the connection between air conditioning and health risks has gained attention, especially in light of events like COVID-19, our commitment to promoting factual honesty underscores our dedication to enhancing the quality of life for our clients wherever they may be.

Jules Lupowitz
General Manager, Air Vent Medics

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