Some Of Our History:

We started out with one van and two people. Now we have grown 5 times that number and have been keeping your air clean for over twenty years.

We started out selling and buying used air conditioners and did very well at it. We offered cleaning and maintenance along with storage.

I believe it was around that time where I realized that keeping your equipment clean was just as important as buying the right equipment. So I started offering air cleaning services to all my clients. My customers actually motivated me to look into overall air quality.

Several years later we bought a second van and had 5 employees calling ourselves Mike’s Vent Cleaning

After realizing that people wanted to make sure their ducts and dryer vents were clean we saw an opportunity to expand our services to dryer vent cleaning as well.

It was a perfect direction to head in because many of the tools needed were common to each type of service. Although the process might have been different, the equipment overlapped nicely. We enjoyed our success and always kept our focus on you the customer.

In 2007 we experienced some growing pains and could no longer work solely out of our vans.

It was a big step for us to commit to purchasing a building in Brooklyn, NY on Forest Avenue. However, with the help and support of my wife we decided the time was right to get to the next chapter of our lives.

At first it seemed awkward and took some time to feel comfortable in our new surroundings. Fortunately things settled down and we were on our way again. We needed to invest in more equipment and spent a lot of time training new technicians so that they would be great out in the field with you.

Mike’s Vent Cleaning is officially launched

It was the only natural thing to do, so we made Mike’s a household name in duct and dryer vent cleaning with in the five boroughs of New York City.

Soon we considered moving into another bigger building, when our neighbor offered to rent out some of his extra space. We continued to prioritize customer service and kept our technicians educated about the changing industry.

In 2013 We Decided To Change Our Name To Air Vent Medics

Changing a business name could be a fatal mistake in some cases, but not for us. We seriously wanted to grow our business and felt changing the name would help us do just that.

Our vans had to be redesigned and all our marketing efforts were synchronized to ensuring a smooth transition. We had to make sure that our previous customers knew about the company name change so we sent out mailers and emails to them. We were a little nervous but just like everything else along our journey it seemed to be just fine.

Air Vent Medics has now become a leading name in air quality control through air duct and dryer vent cleaning

Thanks to you our customers we have experienced healthy growth and are considered the standard for all other duct and vent cleaning companies. We owe it all to you and your faith and trust in us over the years. Thank you so very much.

Please call us today and let’s set up a time to meet regarding your air quality needs.

What’s Important

Keeping your air clean and breathing right is very important and our resolve to make sure we help you do that. Our best advertising is our satisfied clients. You are our best advocates and we’ll do anything to make sure you are happy.

Clear Communication

Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible and to make sure you completely understand every step of the inspection and cleaning process. Price and procedures must be clearly communicated to you prior to commencing with any work.


The only way to be sure that the air you breathe is not harmful to you and your family is to allow us to conduct an initial inspection of your duct work. We will make whatever recommendations we feel are best for you.

Quality Control

Quality control starts from the first time we speak with you all the way to our follow up calls after the work has been completed. We check your needs and double check all our findings and submit a report to you.

Our Technicians

We will only use experienced technicians on all our jobs and make sure that we’ve run background checks as well prior to hiring them. We have a strict policy of no drug use and never hire someone who has a history of violence.

Our Promise

We promise to provide you with quality work performed pleasantly and at a fair price. Our mission is to exceed your expectations in all facets of the service we provide. Call us today and let’s start a long lasting relationship with one another.

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