Our experience can be invaluable

Often times people will think they can figure out whether their dryer vents need to be cleaned or not. The problem with that thinking is unless you have all the equipment necessary to make a qualified analysis how can you possibly know for sure ?

We take many steps methodically synchronized to a final outcome

We move your appliances out of the way and check both the connection coming out of the dryer and the connection to the vent going to your outside vent cover. We’ll check for any kind of obstructions or dust build up. However this in itself can’t let us see deep inside your vents or duct work. This is where having the right tools to assist in your inspection would be needed. Unfortunately you probably don’t have these types of tools handy. That’s why calling us is so important.

A thorough inspection and report is responsible

Even though you may have personally inspected the outside cover vent and inside connections and found that there was no build up of dust or debris, you really should have your ventilation checked by a company who has the tools and experience to accurately verify the status of your ventilation health.


Keeping your dryer vents clean


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