Your Dryer Can Start A Fire. Have your vents inspected

Your health matters and putting off a simple home inspection just to make sure your health is not negatively being affected by undesirable air is irresponsible.

Air that may have been compromised years earlier and gone unnoticed only to escalate into an unhealthy scenario.
Over 15,000 dryer vent fires are reported every year and just a simple annual cleaning can prevent such a disaster.

There are several steps we take

We check all your air duct grill’s or face plates. This is where your hot and cold air blows out. Usually if your ducts need to be cleaned we will see dust build up around your individual grill louvers and in some cases even blockage. We also remove the grill and utilize our snake crawling swipe detector that goes deep inside your ducts. These tests will help us evaluate whether your vents and ducts need attention.

We have special camera equipment and tools you don’t

We are experienced at this stuff and have the right equipment to properly inspect your ducts or air vents. Cameras, long spinning cleaners and air testing swabs are just some of the tools we’ll bring when inspecting your dwelling. Call us today and gain peace of mind that your vents and ducts can’t hurt your breathing or worse, burn down your home.

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