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Just because you can’t see bacteria, dust and allergens, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Your health matters and putting off a simple home inspection just to make sure your health is not negatively being affected by undesirable air. Air that may have been compromised years earlier and gone unnoticed only to escalate into an unhealthy scenario.

How to check your air ducts for possible contaminants

The first place to start is by checking all your air duct grill’s. This is where your hot and cold air blows out. Usually if your ducts need to be cleaned you will see dust build up around your individual grill louvers and in some cases even blockage. Another test could be to remove the grill and take a rag or some paper towels and just gently swipe inside one of the ducts. If you see a lot of dust then you probably need to have them cleaned.

Checking your dryer vents for debris and blockage

You can conduct a simple visual inspection of both your inside and outside vent connections. Sometimes you’ll see that a bird may have tried to get in from the outside vent and in some cases actually build a nest inside of it. Squirrels have been known to invade your dryer vents as well. If you can somehow swipe the inside of your vents from either end you can also determine how much dust or debris have built up.

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